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Donkeys and a Volcano

Day 3 in Santorini

sunny 28 °C

Steve- For whatever reason (maybe the two large Mythos beers at lunch!) today seemed to fly by…we returned our rental car and then walked downhill, through donkey poop and avoiding what sometimes felt like a stampede, for a solid 45 minutes. Very different. We caught a boat out of old town Fira and went on a tour of some hot springs and an active volcano. The kids were incredible as they actually made it to the top of a large hike (others were impressed)… we did some shopping after taking a cable car back up theside of the hill- I hope the pictures do it justice…anyway, we made a mistake by telling them we would buy them a small treat- this turned our shopping excursion into a stuffed animal hunt…oh well- pool and relaxing to finish today- no world cup game tonight (a big highlight was watching the game last night in the resort bar with a bunch or excited Europeans!)..

Lisa- I started my day with a run at 6:45 this morning- it was cool outside and the run was super pleasant, checking out the town of Fira with barely anyone on the streets except this stray black lab mix who befriended me on my jog. She kept up with me and “showed” me where to go… I tried to figure out a possible way to keep this dog and get her home- what an awesome connection we had (maybe an angel looking over me while traveling?? Who knows) Later in the day I saw her napping in the sun.

The kids, Steve and I headed on a long walk after returning the rental car- through the Firian cobblestone streets down- down -down the cliff, then we saw the DONKEYS!! There were tons of them and trainers giving Donkey rides down the side of the cliff- must have been a 45 min to an hour hike down these windy rocky switchback paths, skipping over piles of donkey crap, carrying kids (who rightfully so were scared of these beasts of burden) The donkeys sort of just went, not altogether caring whether or not there were people in front of them- they knew their way! And they carried all shapes and sizes up and down this mile + hike… and as one photographer said the “Perfume” in the air was “lovely” LOL nothing like 100 degrees and narrow stone streets with donkey stench in the air!

So then we arrived on Old Port at the bottom of the hill and climbed in a small ferry boat and went across the sea to a live volcanic island- way cool- and the kids did yet another amazing hike up-up-up the lava rocks to the top of the volcano- light smells of sulfur were in the air- and although it was hot, it was breezy. Folks were commenting on how amazing the kids did! They learned a lot about the steam coming through the cracks in the rocks, and about how a volcanic island is formed. It was a very cool experience! Then we had the option of swimming in the hot springs- Steve and Max went in- it was a 15 meter swim and we had no floaties for the kids, so it was too hard to get them all over in the hot springs… but that was ok, b/c I was cooked at that point physically! We got back, took a cable car up the side of the cliff an ate a good yet over-priced tourist meal!! Shopped in the stores on the walk back – bought some wine, a really cool watch for me, and stuffed animals (you’ll never guess……donkeys) for the kids!! Then pool, then bed!!

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July 7th Wrap Up

We recover!

sunny 28 °C

Steve- would be very difficult to top today- swimming, renting a car and driving to the far end of the island- spending time on a red beach that lived up to its name…Everything we did was fun, new and incredible for kids…now if only we had a babysitter! Too many excellent choices for bars, etc… it looks like we will be hanging at the hotel bar (within 25 yards of our room) tonight!

Lisa- Incredible day-we drove to a light house on the far end of the island and hiked down to see the “Face” in the side of the cliffs. We stopped to take a photo of this really cute mosaic-stone shop, and the store keeper came out and offered us fresh sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and kalamata olives smothered in olive oil….OMG!! the taste was unbelievable- Bettter than the Greek salads I’ve been living on since we got here (which is capers, red onions, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes and herbs with olive oil…. Weight Watchers is NOT happening here!! LOL! After driving (in a bright blue mini-hyundai) back from hiking down a cliff to get to a RED rock beach (full of Europeans- some with and some with out tops, a donkey, men with fresh fruit in a basket for sale and a flotilla of catamarans in the crystal clear salty sea) we stopped at an art gallery. It was full of amazing pots, pottery and the artist himself…he gave Max Sara and Sam a private throwing lesson and Max actually go to throw a pot (that looked like a chicken when it was all said and done!) We went to a grocery store, got supplies for tomorrow, and headed back to our hotel. The hotel-The Tzeckos Villas is a white building built on the cliffs facing due west and we let the kids stay up to see their first sunset (which was beautiful). They have a great pool, and it is super clean and the rooms are decorated all in sea blues and greens, tile and white stucco. On a side note- so glad I learned how to say Thank You in Greek- it has come in handy and made many Greeks smile! Thanks Vayia & Sophia Skevofiliax for the quick language lesson before I left!!

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Minor Setback

Man down! (x2)


So that’s why we don’t feed them ice cream each night for dinner! Yes indeed, our first full day after a long night’s sleep (13 hours) and two of three kids are sick. However, it is so beautiful here it is actually pretty easy to overlook this small set back. Not sure what we will do today considering this handicap- we had been deciding between the “red beach,” the “black beach” and the “regular beach.” An incredible island here…

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Very tired

sunny 24 °C

Day 1 ½- Santorini
You hear stuff all of the time form people who have been here- “it’s fantastic! You’re going to love it!” and then you actually find your way out here and wow, incredible…Sam and Max almost run over by a donkey as they basically slept walked to our place…hard to believe we are actually hanging out on these cliffs with a great view of the Caldera (the active volcano across from Santorini…I am going to stop writing now because Lisa has basically fallen asleep here at dinnertime and I want her to actually write something…

Lisa-jet lag is something else,,, the poor kids have done amazingly well considering they each only had about 6 hrs sleep (which is about 5 more than I!) we played in the pool, then took a walk to the village where promptly Sam started to fall sleep in my arms- so we took them for ice cream (yes, for dinner!) to try to rally the troops, and Sammers fell asleep at the table. Despite all of that, it is breath-taking-ly beautiful here… even better than the pictures!

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Kids get some sleep on flight- mom/dad-NOT

sunny 39 °C

Only have a few minutes to write as we wait for another flight to Santorini... trying to upload a few pictures of an uneventful flight...it turned out to be 9 1/2 hours instead of 14- that was the good part...however, very full flight meant cramped quarters...

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