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Hot night in Poros

Lisa and Steve do nothing to stay cool

39 °C

Thursday July 14, 2010
We woke up and Sammy almost immediately jumped into the water! The kids couldn’t wait to get over to the beach with the trampolines in the water- they had a great time playing on them, swimming around and trying to play with some other kids(but the language barrier was too intimidating) … we ate lunch at the resort and tried some more new foods! Fried cheese (as if cheese needed MORE fat!!) Not sure how many weight watchers points that meal was, but I’ve completely given up trying to count them!! We have had so much tasty foods and deserts and bread… the other night we ate this rye bread with raisins, chocolate and honey?? We think- ?? it was an amazing tastebud treat! Each time we eat out, they automatically bring complementary sweets at the end of the meal. Tonight s meal we got the sweetest watermelon (which seems to grow everywhere almost wild like the blueberries in Maine) But after tonight’s meal which began with crusty Greek bread smothered in olive oil, I’m still not faring well!!
We pulled anchor and headed to Poros. It is a big port town with tons of markets, restaurants, café’s, and a big clock tower which is what you climb up the side of a hill to see…the view is gorgeous overlooking the harbor. We got sucked in to a tourist shop and bought t-shirts, and gifts, and I guess David Frost was right in calling us the Griswalds of 2010!! No berets though! LOL!

We knew it was inevitable for Max to break his glasses… but yes, it’s happened!

The kids are in bed after being tucked in with ice cubes wrapped in a damp towel. It is currently 10:45 pm. it is still about 90 degree F, and I’m about done with this heat quite honestly- there isn’t even a breeze- I can honestly say if Greece wasn’t so darn cool, and beautiful with nice friendly folks, I’d of bailed on this trip b/c of the heat a few days back! God, please send us a breeze, parakalo!!

Steve- Final recap- the restaurant had my camera…too hot to write anything else..ice cubes messing with the keyboard…uploaded new pics….Poros hot but cool

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Taking Advantage of an early (6am) morning

Mandraki Bay

sunny 39 °C

It is morning and we are currently anchored in a cove called Mandraki. We chose this place because it is very close to a seaport named Ihdra and we were able to take a water taxi into town last night. Idra looked incredible from the sea, easily one of the most interesting towns I have ever seen in my life, and we tried two days ago to get in their but the docking is very, very tight.

Yesterday was a great day- each day we all become more used to the boat and the rhythm of Greece. Our morning started with a homerun!: we were able to pay for our docking (about $3.50!) and top off our water supply while getting online at a café that served waffles for the kids. Almost a perfect morning. Then we got underway and headed to St. Nikolas beach, off the tip of Hydra Island. The beach was very nice, amazing made up of 2-3 inch rocks of all shapes and colors, and we stayed there for a couple of hours. Then, a short motor (no wind to speak of) up the coast of Hydra to this bay. This is one of my favorite anchorages- there is good swimming right off the boat, a tavern on the beach nearby, a trampoline in the water (kids have big plans for that today) and of course the water taxi to Ihdra. Last night we went into town and spent 2 hours there. The pictures will have to supply the explanation of this town. When we got back to the boat, we finished up with a game of “Go Fish” on the trampoline before bedtime. What a day! (the only problem, and I sure hope that I am writing about this as “good news” tomorrow, is that I left my camera at a restaurant where we had ice cream overlooking Ihdra…)

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Swimming, Mooring, "Med-style" Docking

More life on the boat!

sunny 39 °C

July 13th-
Ah- the amazing difference of a full night’s sleep!... We are still trying to get used to the (no kidding here) 103 degree temperatures, Every. Single. Day. Tonight, we are docked up against a harbor mediterrean style and Lisa and I are actually going to try to go out to eat (just us) about 50 feet from the boat at a taverna. Today was easily our best day on the boat, we covered a ton of sea, Max and I took the dinghy out for a spin this morning off the mooring- very cool and he thought it was the best! Anyway, we motored a bunch today, the winds just were not conducive to sailing and we picked out the best spot for our afternoon swim. (Dave, Jim, Adrian- you must remember those mid-day swims in the carribean!- this is exactly the same!) Check out the pictures, it was that good! Then we docked this boat “med-style” which required a bit of coordination between Lisa and I but we did ok. Except for the heat- this place is incredible!

Lisa- woke up this morning with a great night’s sleep- went underway and headed to Soupia to anchor and swim. The kids are getting brave enough to jump from the side of the boat like a hi-dive…and have I mentioned that it is HOT??? Wholly cow- we just stay in the water and play- steve hiked up the hillside to photograph us from the top looking in the waters. And I thought he was going to melt!

We are having fun trying to learn Greek words and try new foods… the kids are doing amazing with it!! Much more adventuresome with the food, less complaining about it, and I have to say today was our best day at sea yet! They are understanding when we have to dock, they can’t horse around, they are sitting on the trampoline and watching the anchor drop, etc… Max learned how to plot a course today on the chart using the parallel straight edge, and had learned how to start an outboard motor . Sammy is learning from a workbook his shapes, letters, and some math and doing quite well copying his brother and sister in “campfire type “ songs and being just plain silly… Sara is trying to speak everything Greek and making up her own “words” and language. She is an amazing swimmer. And has the ability to laugh so hard at her falls, spills and mistakes…. Having family fun has been truly the best time of all.

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Navigating the Aegean Sea

Finally beginning to remember how to handle a boat!

sunny 39 °C

We are in the small port town of Palaia Epihavoros off of the Peloponious mainland. This town and this morning are absolutely beautiful- great sunrise and the sounds of roosters waking everyone up in town. (although the remaining of Butz family is sleeping). Sunday night anchored off a mountain was rough (not much sleep through worry) but the swimming yesterday and short trip over here were great. This is a very friendly town and we had a great dinner last night. This is our first time trying mooring- either tonight or Wednesday night I am going to have to summon the courage to dock this boat “mediteranan style” with Lisa. (This involves lots of coordination and dropping anchor at precisely the right moment!) Anyway, the boat trip so far has been great, lots of highs and lows. Highs= cruising through the Aegean sea- each new town- figuring the boat out- swimming everywhere, etc… Lows= not enough sleep, visits by bees, their beaches here can’t touch Ocean City! My main takeaway so far has been on the Aegean waters themselves: never have I seen winds shift to all four different points of the compass within 24 hours (seems to change every 4-5 hours) and the water is extremely deep here: we motored within 300 yards of a mountain range and were in 1200 feet of water!

Waking up and taking a swim in the water was awesome… we had breakfast and then took off from anchor to Palaia Epihavoros where we tied up to a mooring. There we took the dinghy over to shore and swam on a small beach. Sandy and rocky mixed, and as steve mentioned, nowhere near as nice as OC, MD! But…the water is much clearer. We chatted with a family from Finland we met, and caught crabs (about ½” big with white bodies and dark brown legs) and found hermit crabs (of course we had to house them for a day per Sara!!)… then went back and showered and headed into town. Nothing opens until 5pm because it is soooooooooooooooooooo HOT HOT HOT that the shops can’t afford to run the a/c and in 102-103 degrees F its quite hard to shop! So we went to a local Taverna called Praxis and had dinner and a 500ml cold beer ahhhhhh…. The kids were coo coo punchy tired and we called it a night around 8:30…

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July 9-10

Athens and Start of Boat Trip

sunny 39 °C

Steve- Have not updated the travel blog in some days and probably won’t for awhile…(no connectivity, etc…) I would love to give a great update on our travel back from Santorini to Athens but I can’t really focus on anything right now except how crazy it feels to be on this 40 foot catamaran about 25 feet from and island relying on an anchor system I barely understand (and learned more about today than I cared to from the manual!)…This situation has ALL of my attention right now…The scenery in these islands is breathtaking- simply unbelievable….Athens was ok- we stayed at a Marriott on Friday so it was somewhat business as usual…we really didn’t do much beyond let the kids swim in the pool- too focused on the next day boat rental. We did watch the movie “How to Train a Dragon” and it was cute- Max was really into it…Anyway, we spent Saturday night on the boat in Athens, which was akin to spending the night on a boat in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore- ok, but not what we came for…However, I am not sure, as blackness creeps in around the entire vessel and the land seems to reach out and grab for our boat- that this is what we signed up for either.

Lisa- well besides Steve and I being highly acute and sensitive to our surroundings/boat/dangers, etc… this is F*@#ing awesome!!! The people are so sensual/emotional and passionate- they love our kids- they reach out and touch them all the time- in fact, our waitress couldn’t keep her hands off Sara the other day in the restaurant… the weather is better than California (I did not think that possible)… the scenery is like being in the middle of a postcard… right now, the sky is so dark you can see every star in the sky.

Now, on some funnier notes…we provisioned the boat at a local grocery store and found some American food-Skippy PB, Doritos, Cheetos, Special K bars, Fiber One snacks, and Hellman’s white sauce and DelMonte ketchup! The kids have tried so many new foods- (see Becky- I knew there was a reason my kids ate tons of hummus and feta cheese- they are right at home here!) they have been listing the foods we have been bribing them to try like spanikotpita, souvalki, cheese and ham pies, for example- they all like goat cheese now, greek yogurt, and greek pizza (which is a little different) and rating them! Also learning to count and some words in Greek.

Sara told me tonight that Dad keep freaking out about everything…LOL- Max saw a photo of a naked ancient Greek sculpture and told me he didn’t think it was appropriate, and poor Sammy said he was sick for home today . This has been rough on the kids being on the boat- they don’t like the toilets (and it is true, Deb- you cannot flush toilet paper down any pot in the country- anywhere-not even the Marriott!) And Sammy just wants t be on dry land, not wet land! But they did have a blast today using the masks and goggles watching the fish swim under them- Steve was eating the end of a bag of cookies and dumped the crumbs overboard, and hundreds of fish swam up (the water is crystal clear) and had a feeding frenzy on peanut butter cookie crumbs! Sadly to say though, the same thing happened when we flushed the toilet with (NOT) chocolate!!! UGH! The kids thought it was funny! We didn’t swim again tonight.

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